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Why You Are Losing Opportunities in Life: The Misconception That You Don’t Have Time

Last week I took a stroll to a familiar environment. While I may not exactly reveal to you what I went to do, (I might, in the next blog post), I learnt something that you should know.

There are several life mistakes that people always make, oblivious of how such mistakes impact their everyday lives. But before you compel me to trot out any venerable riposte in self defence over this sentiment, read on and find out something unique.

People are always full of outrageous excuses. Today, one of my friends was complaining to me, “Nowadays people rarely have time for their friends. I mean, I send a text message and it is ignored. Yet when I communicate using a strange number then he hits me with an immediate “who are you” statement.”

Hahaha I hope I’m not the only one who finds this complaint funny and quite common.

Though you may not fully relate to the aforementioned story, what I’m writing about today is in tandem with it. It may seem too trivial a matter to you – but most people don’t have time for the known – let alone the unknown.

The walk to the health care facility

You may have not predicted right, but the familiar environment (familiar to me) was a hospital. As I scaled my way across the parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice the expensive vehicles, a true depiction of exquisite taste.

But let us not focus on the vehicles now. What caught my interest is the calibre of persons owning these machines.

Being a hospital parking lot, I can guess that you are thinking the owners were doctors. That’s not it. These were top notch entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior consultants.

But why would I bring this up?

The failing misconception

You see, just because it is done by many, doesn’t make it right. And just because you are a “shark” doesn’t mean you were not once a “fingerling.”

When most people assume that they cannot do something, they start saying that there is no time. However, there is always time. It is just that you haven’t prioritised that subject matter.

This assumption has thrown many ideas to the drain and has led to the failure of most promising dreams.

I always get flummoxed when people always tell me that there is no time. Like really, are you serious? Then you must be a poor planner with no clearly defined priorities.

I know I’m not a “fastidious” motivational speaker, but at least you get my point.


The question about priorities

Don’t cling on a supposed “lack of time” as a reason for failing to do what you are supposed to do. Essentially, when anyone tells you that there is no time, it simply means that you don’t feature anywhere in the top position of their list of priority.

Sounds heartbreaking, right? But that’s the absolute truth. I know some people may form an irreparable habit of putting someone off with the reason of “I don’t have time right now” to make them appear cool. There is nothing cool about it.

The hospital allusion

You must have been “dying” to find out what compelled me to write this post. So it goes:

When health starts failing, and death continuously bids you come, you suddenly notice a change of priorities.

You start going to the hospital diligently without missing any appointment. You remember that there is a God, and you ought to pray and read your Bible. It suddenly hits you that you have families and friends who need to spend time with you. Where does this time come from?

The sad thing, though, most people only realise this when they perceive that they have but a short time to live.

If you don’t want to do God’s will or what you are supposed to do – you should not deceive yourself that you don’t have time.

Create that time for the person who needs it most. Don’t wait for an impending death to show you how you should set your priorities.

Oh that you had a mind of accountability and a receptive heart!

If a father would not give enough time to his family; it’s because to him, the family is not important.

If you don’t have time to regularly worship God, to pray and fellowship with others, then it means God is not in your list of priority.

If you are not getting in touch with your friends or family, then they are also not that important to you.

The logic is simple:

Lesson #1: You will create time for what is important you.

Lesson #2: Don’t wait till the moment you are facing death to realise how to order your priorities.

Lesson #3: Don’t live a lie, there’s always time.


At least to me, this is in not a trivial matter.

Let me know what you feel about this or any experiences you’ve had about time, in the comment section.







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