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Top 5 Niches To Specialize In As A Freelance Writer

Top 5 Niches to Specialize in As A Freelance Writer


We all hear it,

There is some prestige that comes with specialization. Is it true?

Well, lets find out.

Here are top 5 niches which has good returns. However, you should note that these niches are very crowded and you have to put extra effort to make a difference.

Nevertheless, the demand is equally larger. So, you can be sure that you can grab a piece of the pie which can be a significant fortune.

The niches are not arranged in any particular order. And the conclusions here in are based on my experience as freelance writer.

  1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a niche in itself. However, you will not get into this niche as a writer but as a client. And the reason is simple.

The clients in this niche are freelancers who are also looking for writing gigs. The only difference is that they have augmented their writing income with other sources of income.

How to make money in this niche

The market for this niche is limited to freelancers, bloggers and other individuals interested in making money online.

Making money in this niche is requires a lot of work. Though, it is one of those niches which can allow you to earn from any part of the world even when you are asleep.

You can create courses and sell to freelance writers and bloggers. You can also write eBooks. Another profitable thing to do in this niche is affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you can market the courses of other bloggers at a fee. You can also sign up for affiliate programs from anything website creation, website hosting because freelancers will want to create websites and have them hosted for them.

How to be successful in this niche

You’ll have to create a website, build an online reputation. Then, do extra work writing your blog content and creating a mailing list.

You can then market your eBooks, and curses to the potential customers forming your mailing list. When you do it well, everything else is automatic.

The initial effort is what determines your success in this niche.


  1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an emerging trend and this is where you can earn a lot of money writing. The clients in this niche are not writers and they would want someone to write for them.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you can be among the few people who receive payments in bitcoins or Ethereum.

How to make money in this niche

Assuming that you are getting into this niche as a freelance writer, you will need a portfolio which proves your expertise in writing about crypto.

That means, you will create a website and enrich it with useful content. In your website, include a “Hire me” page and elaborate on what you can do in the “services” page.

Possibly, clients will reach out to you through your website or may consider you if you pitch to them using a sample from your blog.

How to be successful in this niche

You will do most of the marketing to put you on the limelight. Clients will only reach you if you market your services.

As you market you work, focus on improving your skills. And when all is said and done, you will quit writing for websites and start trading cryptocurrency.

The ultimate goal is being a client in your niche, right?


  1. Health and Wellness

One thing that we can agree on, as long as humanity lives, diseases will keep on destroying most lives. The good thing about specializing in this niche is that the customers are many.

Everyone in the world wants to be healthy. What this means is that there are immeasurable blogs out there which require content writers.

And there are patients who need blogs to read and medications to buy.

How to make money in this niche

You can be a freelance writer, a blog owner or both. As a writer, you can pitch to write for any of the numerous health and wellness websites.

Alternatively, you can start your own health blog, sell courses and eBooks in it. You can also start selling other healthy products such as essential oils and other natural remedies for diseases.

How to be successful in this niche

Because health is highly regulated by government agencies, people who achieve most success in this niche have some medical background.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it out. Blog owners will always require someone who understands human health to write for their blogs.

Besides, regulatory bodies may not allow you to sell health products if you are not certified. Nevertheless, you can find your way around it and make a huge fortune out of it.

For this niche, everyone is a potential customer.

  1. Real Estate

The good thing about real estate is that there is money here. Although I have specialized in another niche, this is the niche which has ever paid me the highest amount for a single article.

Because, lets face it, the clients in this niche don’t deal with small money. And they will do just anything to be ahead of their competitors.

How to make money in this niche

This is one of the few niches where you can’t be a client and a writer simultaneously. Clients are busy making and breaking deals, improving their sales and holding meetings.

Their lack of time to write their content is the reason why a freelancer can make god money here. You only need social proof that you can write about real estate and then pitch for potential companies.

How to be successful in this niche

The clients in this niche are busy people. You will have to tarry a bit longer in front of your computer cold pitching to people who might not respond to your emails.

Just don’t lose hope. Because when they eventually respond to your email, just two clients can pay you several thousands of dollars.


  1. Home Improvement

What is always the chronology of events in your locale? In my area people are born, they go to school, they graduate, find a lover and settle down.

Here is the bottom line

Everyone wants to “settle down.” Whatever that means.

And once they have built their dream home, they will want to furnish it. This is where you come in. you can be a blog owner selling home improvement products or a freelance writer writing for these blogs.

How to be successful in this niche

This niche is more profitable if you have your blog in this niche as well. It will serve as a perfect portfolio to convince your clients why they should hire you. You can also monetize your blog and earn from it.


Bottom line

You notice that all through the article, I advocate for freelancers to strive and become clients in their niches. Don’t just stay where you are all year round.

You want to earn money while you sleep? Go on! Start your blog.

Which niches have worked for you? Do you think there is a niche I should have included?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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